[GRRN] Price Series for SO2 Emissions Trading

Thu, 22 Apr 1999 15:47:33 EDT

Does anyone know of a source for a price series on sulfur dioxide emissions?
I'm preparing a short talk for the Washington State Recycling Association's
19th Annual Conference in a May 5th plenary session on Recycling in the New
Millenium. I'm planning on talking about the local costs of recycling versus
the local benefits - revenue from selling materials and avoided garbage
collection and disposal costs. Showing how local avoided costs need to be
very high to cover local costs. Then discussing global and non-solid waste
system benefits of manufacturing with recycled materials in place of virgin
materials - reduced emissions of hazardous pollutants and greenhouse gases,
lower impacts on ecosystems, and more local jobs. A price series on SO2
emissions trading would help suggest how global benefits (say of reduced
greenhouse gas emissions) might get monetized and become local revenues for
recycling programs. Two of our state legislators who chair the environmental
committees in the State House and Senate will be participating in the
session. It would be great to be able to present this specific info on
emissions trading to them.

Please reply directly to me via email at: info@zerowaste.com or
zerowaste@aol.com. We are in the midst of rejuvenating our website to
include lots of info and graphs on recycled versus virgin material prices and
forecasts, so it might be better to use the AOL email right now. I'll
summarize any info and data I receive and post to the three lists to which I
am sending this message.

Thanks for your help!

Dr. Jeffrey Morris
Sound Resource Management
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Seattle, WA 98119

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