[GRRN] FW: cafeteria quandary

Blair Pollock (bpollock@town.ci.chapel-hill.nc.us)
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 11:37:22 -0400

Green yessers, please reply to both Dick Sloane and the list serve. I will
let Dick know to subscribe to the list but in the interim, please post any
info to him if you can. Thanks. Blair.

>From: "Sloane.Dick" <sloane@niehs.nih.gov>
>Do any of you have first-hand knowledge or know of a good reference on this
>subject below. (Dishwashing vs paper plates. Energy and "green"
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>> From: Sloane.Dick
>> Sent: Friday, April 16, 1999 10:29 AM
>> To: Johnson.Laurie
>> Cc: Sloane.Dick
>> Subject: RE: cafeteria quandary
>> Boy, this is a tough one. Likewise, manufacture of plates, cups, bowls
>> requires lots of water and energy. I'd like to see if EPA, the state, or
>> some dedicated grad student has looked into this. I'll do some digging
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>> From: Johnson.Laurie
>> Several people have expressed an interest in enlarging the food
>> service area of the cafeteria.
>> Evidently, the most obvious way to find this space would be to
>> eliminate the dishwasher and
>> use only paper products. We have been asked to bring this up with
>> EAAC members to see
>> what you thought. While our initial reaction was to strongly oppose
>> this idea, the dishwater
>> does use a great deal of hot water and its elimination would save
>> energy.
>> Please give us your thoughts by Earth Day, April 22.
>> Thank you.
>> John & Laurie
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