[GRRN] Another Prognosis for Consolidation

Wed, 14 Apr 1999 12:13:01 EDT

Hi All,

For a somewhat open ended perspective on consolidation, see articles I wrote
for BioCycle ("New Waste, New World?" December 1998 & "Independents Face
Industry Consolidation" March 1999). If you don't have access to BioCycle, go
to http://www.jgpress.com

You can track down abstracts and order individual copies, or subscribe.

My own take so far is that this is all a "logical" new phase in what has been
a trend in this industry for nearly 40 years and is spurred along by Wall
Street's deep pockets plus the industry's ability to look good on paper.
Problem is that the consolidations are just rolling in like tidal waves so
it's practically impossible to figure out what's going to happen since things
never settle down. No matter what though, informed, creative and visionary
demands for integrated solid waste services by government and business
(customers) can dictate where this industry will head.

David Biddle