[GRRN] request for info on computer disposal and recycling rates

Okuzumi, Margaret (okuzumi@cepheid.com)
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 14:00:28 -0700

Cleaning Up Our Valley, a small grassroots committee in the Silicon
Valley in California, is planning a publicity stunt next month around
extended producer responsibility as well as other issues of corporate
responsibility in conjunction with environmental health, labor, and
religious groups.

Does anyone have any statistics on computer or electronics disposal
volume and/or recycling rates in the Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, or
the U.S.? That would be very helpful to us.

At our "stakeholder's meeting", held the night before the shareholder's
meeting of a major Silicon Valley electronics corporation, we would like
to have a representative from a group working to reduce, reuse and
recycle computer or electronics waste. If you participate in an
environmental group (preferably located in the Bay Area or the Silicon
Valley), and you are interested in making a presentation or assisting
with publicity for this event, please let me know and I'll send you more
details about what we're planning to do.

Margaret Okuzumi