[GRRN] 1999 NRC Recycling Recognition Dinner

Thu, 8 Apr 1999 14:01:42 EDT

I am on the NRC Committee developing plans for the 1999 Recycling Works
Recognition Dinner. This is a followup to last year's very successful 20th
Anniversary Dinner, planned for the late fall of 1999 in Washington, DC.

This year, NRC wants to honor 3 individuals or organizations: one corporate,
one governmental (national, state or local political leader) and one
non-profit (trade or environmental organization). Honorees should have
exhibited environmental leadership and be clearly recognized as a strong
advocate for recycling. Last year, Senator John Chafee of Rhode Island was
the first person recognized by NRC in this way, for his long-standing support
of recycling.

I would like to get your suggestions of nominees for this prestigious
recognition. Please include a short paragraph on why you feel they should be
recognized, along with whatever contact information you have for them.

Please email me by April 16, 1999 with your suggestions.


Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485