[GRRN] NRC in a Minute - Deadlines & Requests for Input

Wed, 7 Apr 1999 20:06:35 EDT

NRC in a Minute
by Gary Liss, NRC Boardmember
916-652-7850; Fax: 916-652-0485

NRC Board Nominations Due

Due: April 16, 1999. The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) is seeking
nominations of individuals interested in serving on the NRC Board of
Directors. Nominees must be an NRC member in good standing for at least one
year prior to assuming office, or the officially designated representative of
an organization which has been a member that long.

This year, ten directors will be elected, six to three-year terms and four to
two-year terms. The 1999-2000 board will be comprised of eighteen directors.
Elections will be held at the Annual Congress & Exposition in Cincinnati,

To receive a nominations packet, contact: Kim Austin, NRC, 1727 King Street,
Suite 105, Alexandria, VA 22314-2720, 703-683-9025, or KimA@NRC-recycle.org.

NRC Award Nominations Due

Due: June 15, 1999 to NRC. Categories include public education, buying
recycled, corporate recycling, community recycling, composting or reuse,
government recycling, market development, technical innovation, school
recycling, environmental and community leadership, and minority recycling
business. Contact: Lisa Skumatz, 206-624-8508 or NRC at 703-683-9025 or

NRC Electronic Communications

Would you like to get more information about NRC activities and upcoming
policy questions and Board actions via email?

NRC is working to adopt a variety of new initiatives to expand electronics
communications with its members. Adopted in the 1999 NRC budget in March
were plans to add an "instant polling" feature to the NRC website to ask
members about their opinions on key issues, plans to develop listserves and
web pages for NRC Councils, and increased information exchange with the NRC
Policy Work Group on policy issues affecting recycling through member only
on-line forums and listserves.

I'd also like to have NRC publish Board agenda and background reports before
each Board meeting on their website and to a listserve of NRC members who
request to be on it, make available background reports to NRC Boardmembers
electronically so that NRC Boardmembers could easily circulate them to others
for review and comment, and to post minutes of Board meetings on the NRC
website, after adoption by the NRC Board. Do you know of any other nonprofit
organizations which provide this type of background information to its
members? I'd like to contact them to get policies for NRC to adopt regarding
these suggestions.

NRC Membership Directory Survey

The NRC will publish a Membership Directory in 1999. If you would like your
name and membership profile published in that Directory, please contact Deb
Flavin at NRC (DebF@nrc-recycle.org) to get a survey to complete to update
your address and affiliation information, and other related questions.

1998 NRC Report Card

The NRC has prepared a "Report Card" survey of all members regarding how well
NRC is working to meet its long-term goals and objectives. If you missed
this in the mail, contact Deb Flavin (DebF@nrc-recycle.org) to get this
survey to complete too.

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