Re: paper vs plastic
Fri, 2 Apr 1999 15:37:19 EST

Although we are fortunate enough to live in the country, we try to
generate as little waste as possible. We return all our metals and glass and
plastic bottles, we recycle our white paper and card board. We shred much of
the mixed paper and use it at work for packing (passing the buck), and we
compost what organics we are left with. What astonishes me is that the bulk
of what I am left with is plastic - To make this even more startling - I own
a company that uses scrap plastics as its raw feed stock.
So when it comes to paper or plastic, we will always choose paper
(when we forget our own ones that is...) - at least you can compost it if
nothing else. Plastic you are really stuck with for a long long time. Yes
much paper comes to us via a not very environmental manner, but that is
easier to improve on than continuing to pump up all that oil....
When plastics are made from soy beans (not Monsanto's round up proof
kind) and made so that they biodegrade into stuff that improves the soil,
then I will consider plastic bags. Until then fight the loggers and try to
get the paper bags made from old pot heads.... or was that hemp???