[GRRN] 45 Billion Aluminum Cans Landfilled in US last year

Pat Franklin (cri@igc.org)
Fri, 2 Apr 1999 07:04:06 -0800 (PST)

A ZERO WASTE question from Pat Franklin at the
Container Recycling Institute that is sure to
spark controversy (maybe)

But first,

In case you didnt receive our email yesterday about
the 1998 aluminum can recycling rate, here it is again
in a different format. Look for information on the
aluminum beverage container recycling rate on our
website soon.

STATEMENT: The recycling rate for aluminum beverage
cans in 1998 dropped to an all-time low of 55.4%. The
last time the rate dropped below 60% was in 1988 when
it dropped to 55%.

STATEMENT: The wasting rate for aluminum beverage
cans in 1998 was 45%.

STATEMENT: We recycled about 56 billion aluminum
beverage cans (HIP HIP HORRAY), but we landfilled
about 45 billion aluminum cans worth more than
$700 MILLION. Talk about a Waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QUESTION: Is there anyone out there in GREENYES
land who finds that DISTURBING???????????

STATEMENT: If nine deposit states (29% of the
nation's population)were not recycling aluminum
beverage cans at a rate of 80%, the national rate
would be approximately 46%.

ZERO WASTE QUESTION: If we can't get beyond 55%
recycling for the most valuable material in the
waste stream, how in the world are we ever going
to reach ZERO WASTE (or even damn close)?

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