[GRRN] Composting Week May 2-8, 1999

Thu, 1 Apr 1999 21:06:53 EST

> "National Composting Awareness Week" is May 2-8, 1999. U.S. Composting
> Council is sponsoring this international event, designed to turn the
> spotlight on composting, create enthusiasm for recycling urban organic
> materials, and increase demand for compost and mulch products. The theme
> for 1999, "It's Your Turn ... Compost!" draws attention to the importance
> of composting, whether small-scale home projects or large-scale community
> operations.
> The week's goal coincides with a priority of the California Integrated
> Waste Management Board (CIWMB) "Greening Team," to keep organic materials
> out of landfills by making, selling, and using value-added organic
> products such as compost and mulch. To celebrate this week, the CIWMB
> encourages you to plan local community activities such as open house
> events and tours of composting facilities and demonstration gardens,
> special prices on products, or "how to compost" training sessions.
> The CIWMB will advertise Composting Awareness Week events on the Organics
> Outlook Web site, http://www.ciwmb.ca.gov/organics. Send information
> about your plans to Ava De Lara at adelara@ciwmb.ca.gov or telephone (916)
> 255-2613. For more information contact Rod Tyler, U.S. Composting
> Council, (440) 926-8041, or by e-mail rodndon@gte.net.