[GRRN] roofing shingle recycling

Thu, 1 Apr 1999 17:20:42 -0500

Ms Badders,
I work with a company in Atlanta, Ga that recycles roofing shingles.
While my company might not be in position to help you personally, I have
heard of a couple of companies in New England that supposedly recycle
roofing shingles and probably underlayment felt too. NEI, Northern
Elastomeric Inc. in Brentwood, NH at 603-778-8899 takes roofing waste,
though I am unsure if they would be able to use a huge load of just felt.
And Commercial Paving Systems in Scarborough, Maine also recycles old
shingles. Their phone number is 207-883-3325. Like, Commercial Paving
Systems, we use old shingles in new asphalt road mix. I hope this
information is useful.

Michael Brown
Roofing Waste Management Co.