[GRRN] M&A deals?

David A. Kirkpatrick (david@kirkworks.com)
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 09:22:32 -0800 (PST)

The Sustainable Jobs Corporation is preparing the fourth
RECYCLING INDUSTRY report for the Northeast Recycling
Council. The report will be distributed to upcoming recycling
investment forum attendees around the country and available
separately at the cost of printing.

The last report documented 755 companies that were involved
in mergers, acquisitions or IPOs. We are currently adding
new transactions since April 1998. The purpose of the report
is to give investors, entrepreneurs, and market developers an
understanding of trends, financing activity, key industry players,
and private investment payout options in the recycling-related

Do you know of any deals that have occurred in your local or regional
market that we may not have picked up from national press or
company reports? Or do you know of good M&A or industry tracking reports
that may lead us to such deals? If so, please refer them to us...
anyone that gives us a lead on a transaction or company we had not
previously identified will receive a free copy of the final M&A report,
expected to be about 75 pages.

Sponsors for this year's report are as follows:
United States Environmental Protection Agency
National Recycling Coalition
Northeast Recycling Council
South Carolina Recycling Market Development Advisory Council
Materials for the Future Foundation
Southwest Public Recycling Association
Mid-America Council of Recycling Officials

Thanks for your help!

David Kirkpatrick

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