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In addition to Roger Guttentag's response which he sent to you, here are 2
other specific responses I thought might be of interest.

Thanks to everyone for your quick responses!

Gary Liss
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writes:<< Trivia Q - I just gave a lecture at SFSU and was asked where did the
Garbage Barge Mobro end up? >>
The story of the Mobro 4000 illustrates the dilemma of a world wallowing in
trash with nowhere to put it. The Mobro was a garbage barge that was loaded in
1987 with 3,186 tons of trash over flowing from a landfill in a town on Long
Island, N.Y. For 164 days the Mobro cruised the Atlantic Coast and the Gulf of
Mexico looking for a place that would let it unload its cargo. Ports in North
Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana rejected it. In a
desperate attempt the barge's owners tried to land at foreign ports only to be
turned away. Newscasts and talk shows made fun of the situation, but the Mobro
was finally seen as a symbol of the overwhelming waste problem of the world.
So what happened to the Mobro? Well, after covering more than 6,000 miles it
returned to N.Y. to the same landfill that sent it out. For 3 months it sat in
the harbor to await its fate of incineration in Brooklyn.
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From: (James Kantor)

Back to Islip NY. The Trash was incinerated in Brooklyn and the ash send to
Islip for Burial.