[GRRN] Final Call for Endorsements for Welfare for Waste Report

Mon, 22 Mar 1999 12:32:40 EST

I urge you to get your organization and RO to endorse by 4/2! If you need
more info, contact Bill Sheehan at zerowaste@grrn.org.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
Dear ROs and SROs,

Last call for endorsements for the new report,
Welfare for Waste: How Federal Taxpayer
Subsidies Waste Resources and Undermine Recycling.

The report, originally drafted by John Young
(formerly of Worldwatch) and staff at Taxpayers
for Common Sense, has been documented and
extensively edited and rewritten by Susan Kinnsella
of Conservatree. While we are careful to stress that
removing these subsidies will not, by itself, improve
recycling by an equivalent amount, we do claim that
such subsidies are poor public policy and do put
recycling on an uneven playing field. The report's
scope is limited to federal tax and spending subsidies
(which makes it considerably more conservative that
the brief report on subsidies drafted by NRC's Policy
Work Group).

Taxpayers for Common Sense, the GrassRoots
Recycling Network, Friends of the Earth and the
Materials Efficiency Project are the lead organizations.
Already over 100 organizations and businesses in
26 states and the District of Columbia have endorsed
the report, and many are planning to help release the
report to local media on April 8th, the release day.

Our goal is to get the recycling community to join
with taxpayer groups, local government officials and
environmental organizations and stand up to declare
that we taxpayers want to see our hard earned tax dollars
invested in conserving, not wasting, our natural resources.

Coming a week before Tax Day and two weeks before
Earth Day, the timing is perfect for getting this important
message out about recycling and tax waste.

If your RO or SRO would like to endorse the report, there
is still time -- your organization's name will appear on the
national press materials. Note that the list is accompanied
by the statement: "The organizations listed above do not
necessarily endorse or have expertise on every
recommendation in this report." Endorsements are needed
by April 2nd.

Appended FYI is a list of current endorsers, as of
March 17th.

Bill Sheehan

Bill Sheehan
Network Coordinator
GrassRoots Recycling Network
P.O. Box 49283
Athens GA 30604-9283
Tel: 706-613-7121
Fax: 706-613-7123


GrassRoots Recycling Network
Taxpayers for Common Sense
Friends of the Earth
Materials Efficiency Project

as of March 17, 1999

American Lands Washington, DC
Container Recycling Institute Arlington, VA
Coop America Washington, DC
Earth Island Institute San Francisco, CA
Global Futures Foundation Sacramento,CA
Greenpeace USA Washington, DC
Institute for Local Self Reliance Washington, DC
Mineral Policy Center Washington, DC
Rainforest Action Network San Francisco, CA
Rainforest Relief Brooklyn, NY
Redefining Progress San Francisco, CA
Resource conservation Alliance Washington, DC
U.S. Public Interest Research Group Washington, DC

Alabama Environmental Council Tuscaloosa, AL
Association of California Recycling Industries Long Beach, CA
California Resource Recovery Assoc. Sacramento, CA
Californians Against Waste Sacramento, CA
Ecology Center Berkeley, CA
Friends of the Santa Monica Mountains Los Angeles, CA
Global Recycling Council Pacific Grove, CA
Northern California Recycling Association San Francisco, CA
Planning & Conservatiuon League Sacramento, CA
SLV Redemption/Recycling Centers Boulder Creek, CA
Valley Women's Club of San Lorenzo Valley Ben Lomond, CA
University of Colorado Environmental Board Boulder, CO
Action for a Clean Environment Alto, GA
Alternatives in Action! Nicholson, GA
Friends of Georgia Stone Mountain, GA
Georgia Container Recycling Network Atlanta, GA
Center for Neighborhood Technology Chicago, IL
Chicago Recycling Coalition Chicago, IL
Environmental Law Society of the University of
Chicago Law School Chicago, IL
Illinois PIRG Chicago, IL
Earlham Environmental Action Coalition Richmond, IN
Kentucky Resources Council, Inc. Frankfort, KY
St. John Citizens for Environmental Justice LaPlace, LA
Chelsea Center for Recycling and Economic Devel. Chelsea, MA
Clean Water Alliance of Massachusetts Boston, MA
Maryland Community Preservation Coalition Upper Marlboro, MD
Clean Water Action of Michigan East Lansing, MI
Ecology Center of Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI
Recycle Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI
Superior Wilderness Action Network St. Paul, MN
Anson County CACTUS Wadesboro, NC
Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League Glendale Springs, NC
Dogwood Alliance Brevard, NC
EarthCulture Greensboro, NC
Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project Asheville, NC
Students United for a Responsible Global Envt. Chapel Hill, NC
Southeast Nebraska Regional Recycling Alliance Nebraska City, NE
Environmental Advocates of New York State Albany, NY
Manhattan Citizens' Solid Waste Advisory Board New York, NY
Morningside Hts/West Harlem Sanitation Coalition New York, NY
Waste Not Canton, NY
Center for Environmental Equity Portland, OR
Lane County Commissioner Eugene, OR
Recycling Advocates Portland , OR
Creative Artists' Resource Project Bala Cynwyd, PA
Zero Waste America Yardley, PA
Clean Water Action of Rhode Island Providence, RI
South Carolina Coastal Conservation League Charleston, SC
Bring Urban Recycling to Nashville Today Nashville, TN
Cumberland Countians for Peace & Justice Pleasant Hill, TN
Foundation for Global Sustainability Knoxville, TN
Memphis Audubon Society Memphis, TN
Obed Watershed Association Crossville, TN
United Church of Christ Network for
Environmental & Economic Responsibility Pleasant Hill, TN
Appalachian Restoration Campaign Charlottesville, VA
Campaign Virginia Richmond, VA
Virginians For Sensible Waste Management Fairfax, VA
Waukesha County Environmental Action League Brookfield, WI

Gaea Enterprises Los Angeles, CA
Gary Liss & Associates Loomis, CA
Global Waste Recycling, Inc. West Covina, CA
Indigo Development Corporation Oakland, CA
Positively Organized, Inc. Los Angeles, CA
Richard Anthony Associates San Diego, CA
The Plactory Santa Cruz, CA
Total Recycling Association Berkeley, CA
Urban Ore, Inc. Richmond, CA
Eco-Cycle, Inc. Boulder, CO
Future Solutions, Inc. Broomfield, CO
Recycle the Park Fairplay, CO
Waste-Not Recycling Pierce, CO
Community Sustainability, Inc. Washington, DC
Promoting Sustainable Development Seminole, FL
Infinity Recycling, Inc. Chestertown, MD
Flowerfield Enterprises Kalamazoo, MI
Resource Recycling Systems, Inc. Ann Arbor, MI
KirkWorks Durham, NC
Sustainable Enterprise City Island, NY
BRING Recycling Eugene, OR
Resource Revival Portland, OR
Rifer Environmental Portland, OR
Livewell Environmental Designs & Resources Arlington, VA
Boisson & Associates Brattleboro, VT
Full Circle Environmental, Inc. Seattle, WA
Sound Resource Management Seattle, WA