[GRRN] Beer in PET

Wed, 17 Mar 1999 18:36:22 EST

Regarding the previous citation, here are some additional details from
Plastics Recycling Update. Anheuser-Busch has introduced Bud and Bud Lite in
PET in Dallas and Phoenix this week (note: both are also Miller-in-plastic
test markets). The three-layer amber container is made by Twinpak and
incorporates Amoco's Amosorb 3000 modified polyester oxygen scavenger. It
uses a roll-on aluminum enclosure (thus no aluminum band remains on an empty).
Amoco is seeking an FDA letter of non-objection for the use of recovered
bottles to make food-contact PET. Meetings will be held next week with MRF
operators in both cities to hear their concerns.

Jerry Powell