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Letting Little Go to Waste: An Enterprise Evolves From the
Byproducts of Industry. The New York Times, March 17, 1999,
Ten years ago, Michael R. Daley was visiting a plant that
burned automobile tires for energy and then paid haulers to
remove gypsum, one of the waste byproducts. Knowing the value of
gypsum in making plaster, toothpaste, paints and other products,
Daley was shocked at its waste. He soon set up shop nearby and
began collecting and reselling the gypsum.
In the years since, his company, Triad Energy Resources, has
grown successful by locating near corporations and finding uses
for the waste that they produce. From the filtration byproducts
of a sugar manufacturer, his firm makes soil additives. Compost
is made from the byproducts of both a wine maker and a fish
processing company.
Companies from all across America are getting wise to the
concept and beginning to buy or sell waste byproducts. They are
operating under a principle of one company's waste being another
company's valuable raw material.
The new awareness is spawning the growth of "eco-parks," which
are industrial parks where businesses co-locate that can benefit
economically from the waste to raw material arrangement.
Recycling waste is not a new concept. The Environmental
Protection Agency for years has encouraged this, and lists about
40 government-subsidized waste exchanges.
There are some critics who are not as convinced that the
concept is a viable one. Nancy B. Hirshberg, director of natural
resources at Stonyfield Farm, said, "creating a market for wastes
could create a disincentive to eliminate them."

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