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Needed: a G.O.P. Environmental Identity. The New York Times [Op-
Ed], March 15, 1999, pA25.
In this op-ed piece by Tom Ridge, Governor of Pennsylvania, he
reminds readers of President Theodore Roosevelt criticizing
politicians at the turn of the century "who talk a good game on
the environment but did little else as 'nature fakers'."
Ridge sites the Republican party's "bedrock principle of
limited government to excuse the absence of an aggressive,
creative environmental strategy - resulting in a widely held
belief that Republicans are more interested in protecting big
business than in preserving our parks, air, rivers and forests."
As a result of this do nothing approach, Democrats have seized
the initiative on environmental policy ideas. That leaves the
American public with a choice between Democratic clean air or
Republicans protecting businesses.
Governor Ridge points to a recent missed opportunity for
Republicans when Vice President Albert Gore announced his
proposal to fight urban sprawl. Once again the Democrats have
taken the lead and the Republicans have talked a good game.
Ridge suggests that Republicans need to promote a solution
that both counters sprawl and encourages responsible growth. He
said that "For too long, too many Republicans have opposed almost
any government involvement in environmental management." Adding
that "Republicans have to offer their own model of environmental
stewardship. That way, people can judge who are the nature
fakers - and who, like Theodore Roosevelt, are the true
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