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Subject: Fwd: Earth Day Needs PC & Filemaker
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I'm forwarding on this request in case any of you may be able to help.

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Subject: Earth Day Needs PC & Filemaker
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Dear Friend,

Do you have a used PC you'd be willing to donate to the Earth Day Network?
We are looking for a Pentium with at least 266 MH, at least 64 Meg RAM, a 2
GIG Hard Drive, and a Super VGA Monitor.

We are also looking for multiple copies of Filemaker Pro 4.1

If you can help with either of these, please contact Serryn Janson at
sjanson@earthday.net or (206) 264-0114 ext. 222.



Peter Drekmeier
Earth Day Network/Earth Day 2000
91 Marion Street
Seattle, WA 98104
Tel (206) 264-0114 ext. 201