[GRRN] Aseptic Packaging

Long-EQE, Stephen (Stephen.Long@state.ma.us)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 10:10:08 EST

In response to your questions on aseptic packaging, I suggest you call the
following people:
1) Amy Gilburg, MA Dept Envi Protection (413) 755-2286. Amy is the state
contract manager for the state-owned and privately operated MRF. The
Springfield Materials Recovery Facility processes and markets aseptics.
2) Michelle Wagner, Aseptic Packaging Council (914) 679-5399; and
3) Dale Gubbels, Horizon Management (860) 844-8339. Dale is a consultant
seeking to recycle aseptic packaging as part of an effort to re-open an
inactive paper mill.

Hope this helps,
Steve Long
Recycling Markets Planner
(617) 292-5734