[GRRN] guilt about driving drives change?

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Thu, 04 Mar 1999 07:23:31 -0800

Guilt may be a motivator for some people, but I agree with the folks who
have emphasized economics in this discussion. The whole system is so
heavily weighted toward driving that it's difficult to make good decisions.

Almost 4 years ago I made a pledge to spend $4 per gallon for gas. I keep a
running ledger and every time I fill up I calculate the difference between
what I paid and what it would have been at $4. When I donate to charity I
subtract from the ledger. It has absolutely influenced my driving habits.
I used to think I carefully planned trips, used my bike whenever possible,
etc. Now that driving across town actually costs me money, I do these
things a lot more efficiently!

What really burns my butt is to realize that the SUV drivers actually spend
about as much per mile on gas as I do in my little compact car. Instead of
more expensive gas and more efficiency, they've opted for less expensive gas
and lower efficiency. This situation (in many ways) is a model/ metaphor
for the way our society treats non-renewable resources.

-Connie Cloak

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