Re: greenyes-d Digest V99 #61

Helen Spiegelman (
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 09:16:30 -0800


Hah! I detect a twinge of guilt!

You contribute a useful reminder: the best way to deal with guilt is to
live the alternative lifestyle, and demonstrate with one's example that a
life less centred around the car is indeed a wonderful, wonderful life...

I see guilt as the quiet voice that reminds us when we are falling back
into behaviours that we know are not healthy. It is a corrective
mechanism... like bot dots on the highway!

I think we should probe another assumption: that 'mobility' is an inherent
and necessary condition of the Good Life. Cheap mobility is perhaps even
more destructive to communities and to families than it is to the natural
systems that support us. The Australian writer David Engwich sees mobility
as a force that has eroded that old-fashioned sense of community that we
all seem to yearn for....