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>>Ford launches biggest SUV ever
>>DETROIT (AP) - Environmental groups are already using Ford Motor Co.'s
>>newest sport utility vehicle as the poster truck for their anti-SUV
>>campaign - and it won't be in showrooms for months. The Sierra Club has
>>dubbed the 19-foot, gasoline-thirsty SUV a "suburban assault vehicle"
>In response to Peter's message about the next generation of SUV's to hit
our roads - George Carlin was right - we are devoting our lives to handling
"stuff". Unfortunately, as long as the average price of gasoline remains
under a buck, the cost of commodities stays flat or continues to deflate
and the economy remains robust we will continue to see this kind of trend.
I wouldn't be surprised if vehicle manufacturers started offering SUV
models based on a tandem design (much like the tandem trucks we see on our
highways now) or some kind of SUV / RV hybrid. However, I also expect all
the free marketers who love the falling energy prices while tooling around
in their 2 mph 4 wheel drive ATV juggernauts will be the first to run
screeching to the Federal government for intervention when the free market
price swings the other way upward.
>Roger M. Guttentag