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Ford launches biggest SUV ever
DETROIT (AP) - Environmental groups are already using Ford Motor Co.'s
newest sport utility vehicle as the poster truck for their anti-SUV
campaign - and it won't be in showrooms for months. The Sierra Club has
dubbed the 19-foot, gasoline-thirsty SUV a "suburban assault vehicle" that
"will guzzle enough gas to make Saddam Hussein smile." The organization
even ran a contest to give the big truck a name and advertising slogan. The
winner: "The Ford Valdez. Have you driven a tanker lately?" The nine-seat,
3.5-ton Ford Excursion is nearly a foot longer than the current biggest
SUV, the Chevrolet/GMC Suburban, which will be the Excursion's primary
competition when it goes on sale next fall as a 2000 model. See full story

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