[GRRN] German job seeker

Heidi Feldman (hfeldman@mrwmd.org)
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 11:48:04 -0800

I received this message today. Anyone interested?
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I'm studying a subject called "proceeding technology" with a priority
in "enviromnental technology and recycling" and I'm going to finish it
in spring of 1999. Then I'd like to work for a certain time (perhaps
one year) in a foreign country to see how people work there (I had to
do some practical work during my studies which I all made here in
German companies). Later I'd like to work in a line of business which
consults companies, factories, ... helping them reducing or avoiding
waste products, reducing their comsumption of energy (like DFE
(design for environment) or ZERI (zero emissions research initiative))
and / or cleaning their waste water, used air, et cetera.
Now I'm looking for a job where I get practical experience, for
example by assisting someone who already does this job for some time
(so employing me doesn't necessarily mean creating a new job). Does
your company work in a line of business which has to do with one of
the themes I'm interested in? If yes, is there a chance to get a job
for a limited time (for me, it doesn't really matters if I stay about
half a year, one year of even some months longer, because I don't
have a fixed date when I must be back here in Germany)? My benefits
for you could be for example: I surely learned some other procedures
than students in your country, because every country has its favoured
procedures and they are normally taught at university, I'm very
flexible, because I have no members of family in your area, so it
doesn't matter to me if I have to do some travel or stay in the
office at the weekend if there is a lot of work to do, and last but
not least a financial aspect: I want to do that in a first way
because of getting practical experience and not primary because of
the salary!

And you will have no risk with me: When I finished my time, I'll
return back to Germany because all members of my family and all of my
friends live here in Germany!

If you don't work in that line of business I'm interested in or if
you can't offer me a vacancy because of any other cause, could you
tell me (email) addresses of companies which work in that line of
business I'm interested in or help me with any other informations?

If you need some further informations about me (about the subjects of
my studies, ...), please tell me and I'll gather up these
informations for you!

Thank you very much in advance.

Sincerely yours,
Michael PETER