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Paul Tapley (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 15:58:54 -0800

Reply to: RE>[GRRN] (Fwd) Home Re-Use of Wood Pallets

John Reindl, Julianne Wiley and list members,

There is an outstanding new book available titled: "Manufacturing with Reused
and Recycled Materiels" sub titled "Fifty small Business Opportunities" the
book is aprox. 200 pgs. and costs $40. plus $4. for shipping the first copy
and $1 for additional coppies. (calif. res. add 8.25% of course) This has just
been published (Dec. '98) by the Materials for the Future Foundation, they can
be reached at:

Presidio Building 1016, suite 222
PO box 29091
San Francisco, CA 94129
phone - 415.561.6530
FAX - 415.561.6474
e-mail -

Each of the 50 ideas has a heading of:
manufacturing info.
equpt. & infrastructure needs
product marketing
buss. opportunity & risks
economics - feedstock cost, capitol costs, operational costs, & revenue

There is much more info. on funding sources, the why and how to start, etc. in
the book as well. I just got a copy and I HIGHLY RECOMEND it.
And yes, there are a few different ideas for pallets too.

Good luck and get inspired,
Paul Tapley
Recycling Coordinator
Sonoma State Univ.