Re: Beer in Plastic Bottles

Myra Nissen (
Sat, 06 Feb 1999 06:49:38 -0800

Sam Adams cares about the quality of their beer and only want to use
amber. I understand from John that Miller is using both amber and clear
plastic. (Miller, boasting to be the "macro brew" may not care as much
about quality.)

I need some help in understanding what "we" want.

This is want I understand: We ultimately want beer in reusable bottles.
But if that is not possible, we want recyclable bottles. A few months
ago we were complaining about the poor markets for postconsumer PET.
But, now, as a compromise, if beer must be in plastic bottles, we want
clear PET instead of amber. Even if it compromises their product
(according to Sam Adams clear lets in light and changes the flavor of
the beer)!?!?! Do we want to take that stance?

SO if beer is bad in clear plastic and amber plastic is bad for
recycling -- I would say that the best stance is no plastic bottles for

What we don't know is if plastic in general, no matter what color lets
in too much light to maintain the beer flavor. I thought this was an
argument for milk in plastic, that plastic let in too much light in
ruined the Vit. D, or something?

Myra wrote:
> Re:
> Samual Adams - -
> Samual Adams tries to market themselves in the boutique/micro brewery
> category even thou. they are a large producer. It is possible that they
> won't go to plastic if the "yuppies" won't like it.
> Perhaps we should approach them to get their stand and see if they want
> to become an ally. Sorry I can't volunteer right now.
> However, if we want to try Full Sail, Tide House then I'll commit to
> calling them. Both use amber (Tide House lets you fill your own
> bottles. - A Mountain View based micro brewery here in the land of
> Yuppie-ville Silicon Valley.
> Ann Schneider
> Full Sail Amber lover.
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