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Fri, 5 Feb 1999 02:24:12 -0500

myra, fyi, miller's test plastic bottle is amber-colored, and that is one of
the problems. our position is not, "never plastic." on environmental or
economic grounds, aluminum and glass have problems too. rather, if plastic is
to be used we want the bottles to be at minimum fully recyclable, made of
recycled material, and not be a burden on local recycling programs and
taxpayers. we would much prefer beer bottles to be reusable as are almost all
glass bottles are in Canada and as are plastic bottles in Germany and several
other countries that require it. we would also like to see renewable,
carbohydrate-based plastic developed for containers.

whether consumers here will accept plastic is an entirely different question.

/bill s.

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From: Myra Nissen <>
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Date: Thursday, February 04, 1999 10:09 PM
Subject: Re: Beer in Plastic Bottles

Recently I have heard a commercial for Samuel Adams beer (several times)
promoting beer in brown glass bottles. The commercial states that Samuel
Adams beer doesn't come in clear, green, or blue bottles because those
colors let light in and change the flavor of the beer -- referred to as
"skunking up the beer."

I wonder what Samuel Adams would think about beer in plastic bottles?
Perhaps the Samuel Adams company would be a good candidate as a
spokesman against beer in plastic bottles.

Myra Nissen