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Subject: job announcement - please post
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At the January 25, 1999 meeting of the America Recycles Day, Inc.
Board of Directors, the following job announcement was approved.
Please circulate it as widely as you can.

National Program Coordinator

Founded in 1997, the mission of America Recycles Day (ARD) is to hold
annual national awareness event to promote the social, environmental
and economic benefits of recycling and buying recycled. In 1998, more
than 2 million Americans participated in 5,000 ARD events around the
country. These events took place in forty four states, the District of
Columbia and two U.S. territories. Supporting the state organizing
committees is a national, nonprofit organization (America Recycles Day,
Inc.) comprised of representatives from government agencies,
environmental advocacy organizations, internationally recognized
corporations, and trade associations. America Recycles Day, Inc. is
seeking a full time, National Program Coordinator.

The position will be based in Alexandria, Virginia. Reporting to the
ExecutiveDirector of America Recycles Day, Inc., the National Program
Coordinator will be responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of
the America Recycles Day effort including: recruitment of state
organizing committees and national affiliates; delivery of support
services to the state committees; execution and management of
contracts for national support services; administration of the ARD
budget; communications with the ARD, Inc. Board of Directors; public
relations; and fundraising. Key tasks will include:
- Recruiting and maintaining a strong network of ARD state
organizing committees.
- Organizing and developing training events and ongoing
networking opportunities for the state committees.
- Recruiting and maintaining a network of national affiliates -
organizations that will assist in promoting ARD and/or provide
- Preparing written materials to support the above
- Identifying, securing and managing qualified contractors to
provide as needed services in support of the ARD, Inc. annual workplan.
- Preparing regular progress reports for the ARD, Inc. Executive
Director, Board and its Executive Committee.
- Assisting the Executive Director in preparing the annual budget
and workplan.
- Preparing monthly financial reports on ARD, Inc. income and
- Working with the Executive Director and ARD Board to plan and
execute fundraising campaigns to support the organization's mission.
- Preparing fundraising campaign materials including letters,
brochures, advertising, grant proposals and other written materials as

Qualifications: Candidates must have at least one year's experience in
the following: (1) organizing and/or managing volunteer efforts; and (2)
customer or member services, and/or fundraising. Excellent oral and
written communications skills, being a self-starter, and the ability to work
under pressure, handle multiple tasks effectively, meet tight deadlines,
and computer skills are necessary. A college degree and supervisory
experience are preferred, as is prior America Recycles Day organizing
experience. Experience with nonprofit organizations and/or recycling are
a plus.

Salary: Commensurate with qualifications.
Deadline: February 15, 1999. Send cover letter, resume, writing
sample,names of two references and salary requirements to:
America Recycles Day
Project Coordinator Search
c/o The National Recycling Coalition
1727 King Street, Suite 105
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-2720