[GRRN] Recycling and Teens: A Simplistic Perspective

Mon, 25 Jan 1999 23:05:45 EST

As a dad and coach and lover of kids (and an environmentalist), I must
say that its never been very hard to talk recycling with young'uns when
you're standing at a landfill or incinerator tipping floor watching stuff
head AWAY...as in "Take it Away!" (where is A Way anyway?) If its in
their "backyard" and you stand there talking to them about recycling, it
doesn't take much.

Then, to top off your tour, take them to a good MRF somewhere near by
(hopefully not run by the same company - and we know who that would
probably be - so that they don't see how bizarre the world of waste
management is). If they don't get it, there probably isn't much hope for
them anyway...

The point with recycling is the simple fact that there IS an option to
throwing things away. (or should be I guess still in some parts of North

GreenYes Wrote:

I received a request from a writer doing a piece on the environment for
Day for a magazine widely distributed to teenagers in high schools
across the
United States. She is asking for help in explaining the state of
and in motivating kids to get involved.

Anyone care to weigh in? She wants some ideas to take to her editor

First I'd like to ask you some factual questions about
the state of the environment. If you could keep you answers simple and
in layman's terms, that would be best for our audience. Then, I'd like
to ask you for some tips for what teens can do.

1. Why is it important to recycle? What problems have been caused by

2. What percentage of recyclable materials are actually recycled? What
will happen if we continue at that rate?

3. How can you tell if something can be recycled?

4. What other environmental issues are grassrroots activists concerned

5. How can teens become more educated "green" consumers?

6. Can teens write to companies or legislators stating their opinions?
Specifically, where should they write?

7. How can teens start a recycling center?

If you could get back to me today, I'd so appreciate it.

David Biddle
7366 Rural Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19119
215-247-2974 (voice & FAX)