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BP Amoco to Offer Cleaner Fuels in Cities Choked by Pollution.
The Washington Post, January 25, 1999, pA9.
In a speech in Detroit today, John Browne, chief executive
of BP Amoco PLC, will announce the oil company's plans to offer
cleaner fuel in those cities with the worst pollution problems.
The cleaner fuel will be offered in 40 cities in the next two
years; however, the cities have not yet been chosen.
BP makes this announcement just as EPA plans to release a
proposal next month requiring low-sulfur gasoline and stricter
tailpipe emissions testing.
Current sulfur content in gasoline is about 330 parts per
million. Some environmentalists have argued that the level
should be at about 40 parts per million, and that this reduction
would be equal to taking 50 million cars off the road.
BP Amoco makes a gasoline which has only 200 parts per
million and Browne said they "are preparing for moves to much
lower levels."
The company did not say whether the new fuels would be sold
at a higher price, but a recent survey conducted for the American
Lung Association found that 69% of Americans would pay 5 cents
more per gallon for cleaner gasoline.
Browne said that part of the reasoning behind the new
gasoline was that, "I simply got tired of being on the defensive,
and so did our staff. That's hardly the way to give people the
sense that they are working for a great organization. It isn't
the way to convince investors and customers that the business is
in tune with the market."

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