[GRRN] Local responsibility principle

Ian Reeve (ireeve@metz.une.edu.au)
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 09:36:12 +1100

In his book "Why Do We Recycle: Markets, Values and Public Policy", Frank
Ackerman mentions briefly (p61-62) Toronto's controversial decision in the
early 1990s to require various areas of Toronto to take individual
responsibility for the disposal of their waste, rather than ship all of
Toronto's waste either to landfills in USA that were prepared to accept it,
or to one major landfill in the sparsely populated regions to the north.

I am involved in a study, part of which looks at how the political pendulum
of urban waste management swings back and forth between the two eminently
reasonable, but mutually incompatible, extremes of centralisation ("waste
management is an uncoordinated mess, therefore we need a central
authority") and local responsibility ("nimbyist politics makes siting of
centralised infrastructure impossible, therefore let those who are singing
the nimby chorus dispose of their own waste").

If is anyone is aware of any studies that have been done on the politics of
waste management in Toronto, I would be grateful for references, leads,
contacts, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Apologies for any cross-postings.

Ian Reeve

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