[GRRN] throw Ted Nugent to the bears

Barbara Schaefer (b.schaefer@facilities.utoronto.ca)
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:18:44 -0600

I'm sorry to rant, but I just can't let this go by without a comment.
Please read the following summary of an article from the Toronto Star:

>U.S. Rocker In Ruckus Over Bear Hunt Ban

American rock star and producer Ted Nugent is feverishly mad at Ontario's
decision to ban its spring bear hunt and wants all of Canada to pay for
what he calls the province's "tom foolery." Nugent, a hunting and pro-gun
crusader, says that he is organizing a boycott of tourism from the U.S.
According to Nugent, banning the bear hunt has no scientific basis and was
inspired by "lunatic fringe" animal rights groups. Nugent also wants the
federal government to repeal its gun-control legislation. Minister of
Natural Resources John Snobelen, announced the banning of the spring hunt
last week because it resulted in too many cubs being orphaned.

How dare this bully Nugent advocate holding our tourism industry hostage
because he and his buddies have shot all the American bears and are upset
because we want to protect ours!

I propose that we organize a boycott of ALL TED NUGENT PRODUCTS. Don't buy
any of his music, and don't buy the music of anyone produced by him.

Barbara Schaefer

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