Re: [GRRN] NYC Waste Exports

Jeff Surfus (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 09:30:09 -0500

To all,

I agree that this is the perfect time to build on the publicity surrounding
the New York/Virginia dilemma. We need to make it a national issue, as it
is not only a New York garbage problem. We here in Michigan are getting
deluged by out of state waste. One landfill here in Washtenaw County alone
is getting ALL of Toronto, Ontario's garbage for at least the next four
years! We've tried to organize around the issue here in Michigan with some
success, but until it becomes a national issue and we get some kind of
legislative relief it is going to be difficult.

The folks in Virginia should know they are not alone!

This is the perfect issue to use this mailing list to organize around.
Let's do it!

Jeff Surfus
NO WASTE of Michigan
(Network Of Waste Activists Stopping Trash Exports)