[GRRN] NYC trash from a Virginian's view

Fritz R. Franke (frf5k@virginia.edu)
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 18:33:22 -0500

To all,
I am a native Virginian and still reside here. I am appalled at what is now
happening here with trash from NYC. I have spoken to as many government
councils and 'the powers that be' about this. Everyone listens and is
concerned, but don't seem to have a workable plan. I agree with Gary. PR
seems to be the only thing that is going to focus this problem right in the
public's eye.

I am on the BOD of the Virginia Recycling Association and this seems like an
opportunity for our organization and other organizations to join together to
find solutions for Virginia before it happens to someone else. We meet 2/9.
Any input and/or ideas I can take to the meeting would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.
Fritz Franke

>You're absolutely right!
>How about GRRN try to organize a Zero Waste Conference in Virginia this fall
>and build some media outreach around it????
>Anyone have good contacts with Virginia State solid waste agency to help on
>I'll explore with Deb Devine, SRO contact for Virginia.
>Gary Liss
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