[GRRN] Gerry Gillespie now back in Australia

Wed, 20 Jan 1999 12:52:39 -0500

I just received an email message from Gerry Gillespie whom many of us met
at CRRA's Monterey Conference in '97. He has long been a proponent of, and
articulator for Zero Waste.

"I am back in Australia. I have started a new business based on
implementing Zero Waste projects. We have a business in New Zealand called
Waste Works and we are starting a new business called "Waste Works World"
here in Australia.
I am working with Russell Louden who used to be the Manager of Revolve in
Canberra. Revolve is very similar to Dan and Mary's 'Urban Ore' in

Gerry said that in the process of moving he lost many of his email
contacts. Two that he mentioned he would like are those for Steve Seuss and
Paul Hawkens. I don't happen to have them, so if you, Steve and Paul, and
others who want to be in Gerry's current address book will send him your
addresses, he can reconnect. His new email:

"Gerard Gillespie - Waste Works" <wastwork@mpx.com.au>


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