Re: Fighting Back at Junk Mail

David L. Turner (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 09:04:38 -0500

At work we get many, many mailings, catalogs, etc. to
different versions of the same name and to people no longer
here (some even dead!). I wrote a generic, brief note
saying that this is either a duplicate mailing or the
person(s) no longer work here and to please remove them from
our mailing list as we are trying to cut down on unnecessary
mail. I occasionally go through the recycling bin used for
mail and find particularly numerous or expensive excess
mailings, such as parts catalogs, bingo card packs, and
seminar announcements. I put my note and all the mailing
labels on one sheet of the ad or magazine cover or bingo
card and fax the whole thing to the subscription department.

Another effort that works wonders for large catalogs with
glossy paper is to call the subscription number and tell
them I want to remove extra names from their list. Saying
we want to help them cut their costs gets attention (and
more help too). Every time, they will run through the list
they have and let me tell them which names and titles to
remove. They are grateful and the excess mail stops.
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