[GRRN] Plastics and California and Beyond

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Tue, 19 Jan 1999 16:59:00 -0600

According to the 1/18/99 Plastics News:

"The debate [over California's deposit law] picks up again there this
year, except that environmental organizations have more political clout,
and industry gorups desperately need to pass a law that renews the state's
complicated recycling funding program, or their members' costs could rise
"'California will be our greatest challenge,' said Roger Bernstein,
vice president of governemnt affairs for the Washington based state
government unit of the SPI and APC.

"'It is a state that has been the most volatile on packagin gissues,
and in light of the complete Democratic realignment from the governor to
the legislators, we think proponents of restrictive legislation' will have
more influence.'


"local officials across the country also are getting ore interested in
the producer-responsibility concept, a broad-ranging idea popular in Europe
that means manufacturers have to take more responsibility for product


"Minnesota is drafting producer-respondibility legislation. ...

"The Municipal Waste Managemnent Association...also is looking at the
topic. It is spurred, in part, by packaging. For example, pigmented high
density polyethylene milk bottles boost sales but are much less valuable to
recyclers, said Karne Luken, co-cahir of MWMA ...

"The municipalities are saying 'Wait a minute, if you guys are getting
a marketing advantage, you should bear some responsibilites as well'," she


"Georgia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania also are expected to be states
where bottle-bill debates could crop up again."
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