[GRRN] National Landfill Taxes

John Reindl (reindl@co.dane.wi.us)
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 08:29:21 -0600

In followup to my request for information on national taxes on
landfills, two very useful sources of information are the webpage


which lists eco-taxes of many types by country, and the article
"Eco-taxes and Waste Management" in the July 1998 issue of the
Warmer Bulletin.

My deep thanks to Doug Koplow for the web page address and to Kit
Stange of the World Resource Foundation for faxing me the article.

Also, my thanks to all the people who emailed me more details on
individual programs. I welcome further information and will compile
the data and re-send it to the list.

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Dane County, WI

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