[GRRN] Charge for Junk Mail

Hop (oldxeye@crisscross.com)
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 11:46:10 +0900

The following might be of interest to you .........


The Sydney Morning Herald - Tuesday 1 December 1998
Page 1 ("Column 8")

Nicholas Ferrante, of Kirrawee, offers a solution to junk mail: "A 'no junk
mail' sign on my letterbox did not work. In frustration I added a sign -
any unsolicited mail would attract a $75 processing fee. The fee would
cover my time reading, considering and disposing of the junk mail. The
results so far:

>From eight invoices I have sent, three groups paid up. One cheque came from
a get-rich-quick scheme, and one from a 'free slide night' group. The third
was from the Liberal Party for an election letter, 'A personal message from
[Australian Prime Minister] John Howard'. I also received one abusive phone
call from an invoice recipient."

"When I received the first cheque I rang the Fraud Squad to dob myself in.
Their advice was that I was breaking no laws. My next step will be reminder
notices. If payment is not received I will ask the sender to come and pick
up the junk mail. Failing this, I will keep it and charge for holding it on