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So-called "sustainable" energy is really just another attempted
technological fix that someone sees a chance to make a buck on.
Greenwashed greenbacks!

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Anyone have the answers????

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I'm Terrence Thomas, a graduate student at Arizona State University, and
I am conducting research on the feasibility of Maricopa County
implementing a waste to ethanol project that would reduce the need for
additional landfills and provide a cheap renewable fuel source for the
valley. Genahol Inc., a biotechnology firm from Ohio, has developed
technology that takes municipal waste and through the use of acid
hydrolosis in a gravity pressure vessel, converts the cellulosic
material found in garbage into glucose. The glucose is then fermented
into ethanol. There is absolutely no burning in the process. Genahol
has contacted ASU to research the likelyhood of this project occurring
in the valley. Our team at ASU has identified a site for the conversion
plant, the municipal waste stream and buyers for the ethanol. There are
several unanswered questions that needs to be addressed prior to further
pursuance of this project. These questions are:

1) Would your organization be willing to review the project and
provide input its merits and shortcomings?

2) Are elected officials in the city of Phoenix receptive to
environmental projects?

3) In your opinion, who are the key players in City, State and
politics in reference to environmental projects?

I can be reached at 602-491-1738. Your help in this is extremely
appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Terrence Thomas

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