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> RE: New Inexpensive sorting system
> William Rickard (Samatu@aol.com) sent the following message to this
> forum...
> I am a semi-retired former CEO of an electronics company that was
> based just outside of Philadelphia. During the 90s I engaged in a
> variety of projects one being, I was commissioned by the Commonwealth
> of Pennsylvania to investigate the marketing potential for recycled
> curbside plastic. During that study for the Pennsylvania Energy Office
> (PEO), I learned that the reverse distribution process for the
> collection and sortation of curbside plastic was so flawed that the
> taxpayer must continue to subsidize this process to rectify the huge
> price differential between collection, sortation, and transportation
> costs and that of the resource recovery price. I then came upon an
> interesting solution: transport the recycled plastic in almost the
> same manner that virgin resin was sold. In short, we came up with a
> methodology for flaking the plastic at curbside or at the MRF wherein
> the flakes could be cost effectively sorted before shipping to back
> end processors. At a cost less than a ba!
> ler, our system could provide the necessary cost reduction that when
> coupled with the mobile system we developed could reduce the
> collection and sortation costs from as high as $2,000.00 per ton down
> to $300.00 per ton. After successful demonstrations, and being written
> up extensively in the trade and public media, our process was
> considered to have so much potential that there emerged a struggle as
> to who owned the process: the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or me.
> This led to a two year plus litigation wherein I prevailed. The
> settlement check(s) have just cleared the bank. We are now engaged in
> locating an industry source or partner to further develop this process
> and incorporate into something we have on the drawing board wherein
> plastic, metal, and aluminum could be more cost effectively collected
> and sorted. Our process received EPA approval (after only eight days
> of evaluation) and we are anxious to engage a partner with the
> resources and foresight to assist us in bringi!
> ng the concept to global commercial fruition.
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