RE: [GRRN] Is The GAP Destroying Forests?

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Hi there,

There was a protest called by some environmental groups, but not supported
by others, of the Gap and Old Navy stores. One of the Fisher family, who
owns Gap and ON, purchased the Mendocino properties of L-P and created a
new company, which I believe is called the Mendocino Redwood Company. It
was my understanding that the company would strive to be "better than the
others" when it came to harvesting practices. However, I guess that they
have not gone far enough fast enough for all. What concerns me is how
quickly some groups would move to the end game of a boycott. Some that I
have talked to, who are no friends of the timber industry, say that we
should give the guy some time to stabilize the company and continue to
engage him in identifying and implementing good practices. They feel that
his heart's in the right place. My fear is that he could just throw up his
hands and put the property back on the market. The rumor I hear is that
the other parties interested in the properties are Pacific Lumber and
Sierra Pacific.

It seems to me that, again, a complex issue has been oversimplified. Of
course, there are more informed opinions than mine out there and I'd love
to hear them.

Hope you are well.

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My second grade daughter came home today and told us that we are not to
clothes at The GAP anymore because "They are cutting down the Redwood
Have I missed a movement, or is my daughter the victim of a hoax?
Anyone know?

Stephen Suess

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