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Chris Garton (
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 15:38:18 -0800

It appears the ayes have it and job postings are allowed to stay. I'm also in
favor of it and would like to see the reverse acceptable as well. That is, if
job seekers in the industry can use the listserve to seek employment with a
brief description of qualifications and interests only. Later, attached files
with a resume could be sent directly between those interested to avoid increased
download times for all.

Take me for example. I am receiving my MBA from California State University,
Chico in May of '99 with an MIS (Management Information Systems) emphasis. I
have practical experience in electronic commerce and am interested in
facilitating the purchase of recycled goods via the internet.

A message this small can add a large added benefit to industry listserves.

Chris Garton

Heidi Feldman wrote:

> I find the listings helpful not as a job seeker (at least not at this time),
> but to see what job descriptions are for various positions in our industry.
> It is good to know what our counterparts are doing, or are expected to do,
> in their jobs. Keep them coming!
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> Hi All:
> I appreciate the postings as I send them to our student job board and
> soon onto our UCSC-BEAC website. However, it's all the well meaning
> secondary postings. I just am really quick with the delete button.
> Ann Schneider