Re: job announcements

Caroline Truth (
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 08:00:36 -0600

On the topic of job postings: I agree with the responses on this issue
made by subscribers Smith, Henkels and Schaefer. I got my current job
through a posting on the list (and I was living overseas at the time)
and also had several other useful and informative job interviews through
other job leads posted on the list. I would be extremely disappointed
if people quit posting the job announcements to the list. I refer others
who are currently looking for jobs to e-lists - after all, the internet
is an excellent source for job seekers.

There are plenty of things posted here that are not germane to the
issues I am working on at any given time, but I quickly scan through
them and ignore them. I think the diversity of the topics is one of the
strengths of this list and is what holds my overall interest in it.