Re: Beer in Plastic
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 11:58:02 EST

Just an off-hand question (especially to Peter Anderson and Pat Franklin):

How much impact does the idea of getting away from deposit laws by moving
beverage containers to plastic play in to industry decision making for
bottling? I know that many regions don't have deposits of any kind, but
most plastic containers don't require deposits anywhere do they? And
certainly, if you were to invent a new type of container that isn't
covered by deposit laws you get around said laws in general, right?

Just wondering...


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>From: (RecycleWorlds)
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> According to 12/98 Container Recycling Report (p. 2):
> "As already is happening in the soft drink industry, the new plastic
>beer bottle could lessen any likelihod of aluminum's stranglehold on the
>beer industry. Richard Evans, president of Alcan Aluminum, in an interview
>in Platt's Metals Week, figures that if aluminum cansheet gets above 90
>cents per pound 'aluminum is at a disadvantage in beverage containers
>vis-a-vis plastic.'"
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