[GRRN] Granny D and Campaign Finance Reform

Bill Sheehan (bill_sheehan@mindspring.com)
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 06:19:01 -0500

[Forwarded from Ernie Lowe via Gary Liss. The
road to zero waste, ending subsidies for wasting,
etc. starts with campaign finance reform....]

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Happy New Years to you all

We'd like to introduce to you our hero of the New
Year -- Granny D, one reason to be happy! We will
also request some support to her. She is an 89
year young Elder who will walk across the country
to Washington DC with the intention of starting a
major campaign to reform campaign finance in the

(Our friends overseas, please read on. This is a
global issue and you can help!)

Granny D has chosen one of those keystone issues
of change that could help restore our democracy
and return our government to its role of serving all
of us, not just the corporations. The present
dominance of big money in campaigns is the
cancer Granny D says it is, eating away at the
health of our politics and governance.

Our requests:

Send this message to ten others (those of you
overseas, please relay it to your US friends)

Walk with her for a day or two, if there is any way
you can show up along her route through S.
California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,
Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, W.
Virginia, and Virginia. Her web site has a town by
town itinerary.

Find a way to speak/write for reform and to support
the handful in Congress like Senators John
McCain and Russ Feingold who are working on it.
At least write your Senators and Representatives,
urging them to take up this issue and act upon it.

Visit some of the web sites on campaign finance

http://www.policy.com/issuewk/98/0914/ a Primer
on the issue

mpaign_Finance_Reform/ large list of sites

lists of sites

http://www.soc.american.edu/campfin/ American
University's finance data links

Granny D's web site is: www.grannyd.com She

I'm Granny D, and in my 89th year, I am going to fly
to Los Angeles, California to walk back across
America to Washington, D. C. I shall walk about ten
miles a day. Call me crazy, call me God-sent, I am
on a crusade. My purpose is to create a
groundswell for Campaign Finance Reform to
eliminate the cancer. My goal is to convince
Congress that We, the People, do care about
Campaign Finance Reform. I shall travel as a
Pilgrim, seeking not your money, but food, shelter,
and signatures on my petition.

Her march across the country begins January 1,
1999, strolling down Colorado Boulevard in the
Pasadena Rose Parade (how's that for a sense of

Three Cheers for Granny D! Let's all give her a

Ernie and Grace Lowe

e-mail: elowe@indigodev.com
web: www.indigodev.com