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Wed, 30 Dec 1998 09:27:10 -0600

In response to my posting about new initiatives being made by the PEN
industry to market their resin as a PET copolymer for a plastic beer
bottle, Katharine Bennett expressed the following concern:

"I tell you what, I'm still concerned about PEN off-gassing naphtha
compounds into the beer or any other liquid in these new bottles. Remember
the first plastic soda bottles? They were PVC and they were pulled off the
shelves because of chlorinated compounds off-gassing into the soda. Traces
of chlorine were found in the fatty tissue of people drinking soda from the
PVC bottles. These new PEN bottles are going to be shoved down the
consumers' collective throat, with nary a complaint from the consumers if
they don't know any better!"

I have no knowledge of these health issues, but I know who you can contact
to pursue them further. The FDA person reviewing the PEN applications for
a non-objection letter for PEN in food applications is Buzz Hoffman,
202-418-3005, BHoffma1@bangate.fda.gov. He's very concerned and I think
would be responsive.

Also, you may want to see if Green Peace's scientists have any information
on the issue. They certainly are concerned about PVC. The contact there is
Charlie Cray, 312-554-1027, Charlie.Cray@dialb.greenpeace.org

Please let us all know what you learn.
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