Re: [GRRN] Env. packaging
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 13:36:16 -0800

More background on the Guide to Env. Pkg. It was put together by two
packaging engineers from HP along with Apple and IBM engineers who then
invited many other packaging engineers. They also contact local
government to provide recycling expertise and some environmental groups
to ensure that many perspectives were included.

It was a great project and process. For the most part the engineers
were all young and enthusiastic. They were amazed with the eastern
establishment came down on them so hard.

But, I bet they would be willing to update the document. Local Silicon
Valley companies paid for the first two printings. They'd probably put
the next version on line, public domain.

If a ground swell rises I will pass it along to the lead folks at HP.

Ann Schneider
UC Santa Cruz Extension
in the heart of Silicon Valley