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Gassman, Brenda (blgassma@PUBSERV.CO.ANOKA.MN.US)
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 13:26:13 -0600

Tara - The Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver CO put together an
"environmental blueprint" booklet on the recycling program at their
event. For more info, contact them at 303-355-2787. The booklet came
out in 1995.

Also, several CA cities put together a brochure on this topic. Contact
city of Los Angeles, 213-237-1444. It's called "Event Recycling."

NEC does a great job w/ the recycling and composting at their bike tour
- hats off!

Brenda Gassman
Anoka County Integrated Waste Management

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Subject: [GRRN] Event Waste Reduction/Recycling

Hello! I am in the process of gathering information on
waste reduction, composting and recycling at special events like
festivals, fairs, conferences, athletic events, etc. Has anyone put
together a "how to" guide on this topic or is anyone willing to share
information on their successes or failures? All replies will be

For anyone who is interested, the Saint Paul
Neighborhood Energy Consortium (NEC) in Minnesota is a major sponsor and
organizer of the Saint Paul Classic Bike Tour, which attracts 5,000
riders annually. In an effort to reduce the amount of waste disposed of
at this event, the NEC provides a staffed trash/recycling area at each
of the six rest stops along the bike route. Riders sort their waste
into recycling, compost or trash receptacles. This is a great
opportunity to educate participants about waste reduction, composting
and recycling by having them sort their waste into the correct
container. For the past two years, approximately 5% of the waste was
trash. The rest was composted or recycled. For more information you
can contact Tara Blumer ( or Hatti Koth
( at the NEC.

Happy Holidays!

Tara Blumer
Multifamily Recycling Coordinator
Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium
475 North Cleveland Avenue, #100
Saint Paul, MN 55104
phone:(651) 644-7678
fax:(651) 649-3109

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