[GRRN] Community Waste Education

Rhonda Sherman (sherman@eos.ncsu.edu)
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 13:49:25 -0500

My name is Peter Ward - I reside in Australia. I am currently doing some
research in order to design a performance monitoring framework to
determine the effectiveness of community waste education programmes that are being run by local government authorities.

I would be most grateful for any information that you might be able to
supply (or alternatively pass this request on to someone else who can)
the following:

- what community waste education programmes are being run by yourselves
(or any other body that you might be aware of)

- what community waste ed. programmes aspects do you find work well, and
which do you find don't work so well

- what methods do you use to monitor the effectiveness of any education
programmes that you run

Unfortunately, my timeframe is not great....I need whatever information
you can provide within about 2 weeks. Please accept my apologies for
this imposition, and my thanks for your understanding and assistance in
this matter.

Kind regards,

Peter Ward. (e-mail: creativsolution@ozemail.com.au)