[GRRN] Event Waste Reduction/Recycling

Tara Blumer (tarab@spnec.org)
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 16:14:11 -0600

Hello! I am in the process of gathering information on waste reduction, =
composting and recycling at special events like festivals, fairs, =
conferences, athletic events, etc. Has anyone put together a "how to" =
guide on this topic or is anyone willing to share information on their =
successes or failures? All replies will be appreciated.

For anyone who is interested, the Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium=
(NEC) in Minnesota is a major sponsor and organizer of the Saint Paul =
Classic Bike Tour, which attracts 5,000 riders annually. In an effort to =
reduce the amount of waste disposed of at this event, the NEC provides a =
staffed trash/recycling area at each of the six rest stops along the bike =
route. Riders sort their waste into recycling, compost or trash receptacle=
s. This is a great opportunity to educate participants about waste =
reduction, composting and recycling by having them sort their waste into =
the correct container. For the past two years, approximately 5% of the =
waste was trash. The rest was composted or recycled. For more information=
you can contact Tara Blumer (tarab@spnec.org) or Hatti Koth (hattik@spnec.=
org) at the NEC.

Happy Holidays!

Tara Blumer
Multifamily Recycling Coordinator
Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium
475 North Cleveland Avenue, #100
Saint Paul, MN 55104
phone:(651) 644-7678
fax:(651) 649-3109

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